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What is Biological Evolution?

Biological evolution is the change in genetic and inherited characteristics of populations of organisms over generations.

Could biological evolution indicate purpose in the universe? Biologist Dr. Dan Kuebler and other experts offer insights below.

Biological Evolution

When looking at theories and patterns within biological evolution, there are fascinating examples of order demonstrated in nature. Whether through comparing patterns across geography and time, or scrutinizing what happens at the molecular level, there seems to be a system. 

Biological evolution is an explanation for the way that complex organisms have come about and continue to change. It is a field of science that links the expansive and ancient universe with our very selves—living beings who can think about and understand our universe.

Below you’ll find articles and videos by scientists and scholars that elaborate on different aspects of biological evolution theories and research.


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Evolutionary Psychology

What role does evolution play in social and psychological behaviors of organisms?

Watch Shorts

Short Biological Evolution Videos

Only have a minute? These short videos are packed with amazing facts and insights about biological evolution.

Biological Evolution is More than a Hypothesis

To better understand the Catholic Church’s position on biological evolution, read John Paul II’s 1996 letter to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. In the letter JPII references Pope Pius’ encyclical Humani Generis, another important papal perspective on the subject.

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