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Purposeful Universe Feb 16, 2022 11:34:24 AM 1 min read

Evolutionary Psychology Examples and More With Dr. Dan Kuebler [VIDEO]


How Has Evolution Affected Our Psychology?

Dr. Dan Kuebler is a molecular biologist, professor and author. An expert on evolution, in this series of interviews he discusses some of the potential consequences of our evolutionary history on human behavior.

Evolutionary Psychology Example: In-Group/Out-Group Bias

Since our species evolved in small, cooperative groups that competed with other groups of hominids, bias for our own perceived tribe may be hardwired into human psychology. However, we also have the ability to recognize this evolutionary bias and make a conscious effort to act in a way that aligns with our principals instead.

Evolutionary Psychology Example: Food

Does evolutionary history suggest affect our diet? There's evidence that suggests that because our species evolved in an environment in which food was scarce, we may have developed appetites that crave very substantial and satisfying foods. Since today many people face an abundance of food rather than scarcity, they often need to resist these evolutionary cravings and choose to eat nutritious and balanced portions of food from the many options available.

Evolutionary Psychology Example: Sexuality

Similarly, evolutionary history may affect human sexual behavior. In this video, Dr. Dan Kuebler explains how complex and varied our evolutionary history is. While this background may affect how humans behave today, we have a variety of prehistoric ancestors with a wide array of tendencies and behaviors.

Evolutionary Psychology and Beyond

Beyond evolutionary psychology, in this video compilation Dr. Kuebler shares his view on bias and objectivity as it relates to the COVID19 pandemic, as well as his personal interest in philosophical questions that eventually led him to his career in biology. His perspective is rooted in current events, contemporary science, and curiosity about the universe beyond what science can answer.



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