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what is the purpose of life

What is the Purpose of Life?

When studying whether the universe has purpose, the next logical question is whether purpose exists in our own lives, on a more intimate and personal level than the vast cosmos.

Does the Universe have Purpose?

Is the universe a random reaction or accident? Or is there order and purpose behind the scientific laws and reactions that govern the existence of galaxies, planets and living beings? 

Here you'll find a diverse collection of articles, videos and other resources that explore the purpose of life and finding meaning behind the cosmos, biological evolution, and human consciousness. 

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Order and Purpose in the Cosmos

To discover the purpose of life, learning about the formation of the universe can help us understand why human life exists.

Order and Purpose in Biology

A scientific understanding of human evolution and psychology helps inform what the purpose of life may be.

Order and Purpose in Human Consciousness

Humans are exceptionally able to consciously perceive and discover the world around us. This acute consciousness seems to hint at a purpose of life. These articles and videos help shed light on the order and purpose demonstrated in human consciousness.
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Purpose of Life Quotes

In addition to studying contemporary science and philosophy to uncover the purpose of life, it is inspiring to consider words of wisdom from some of the greatest thinkers in human history. A compilation of just a few of these quotes is below.

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