Cosmology Meaning

To uncover whether the universe has underlying order, it is essential to understand how, or if, the universe began. And to believe that the universe has purpose begs some understanding of how it all came to be.

Here you'll find a diverse collection of articles, videos and other resources that elaborate on cosmological models, theories and research for a deeper understanding of how our universe works and what its purpose may be.

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Award-winning Cosmology Video: Big Bang Cosmology 

Watch Karin Öberg, a Harvard Astrochemist, as she discusses implications of Big Bang cosmology and offers an intriguing comparison between it and previous cosmological models. 

Core Cosmology Topics

History of Cosmology

Our knowledge and understanding of the universe is ever changing as generations of scientists build on the discoveries of those before them. The articles and videos below dive into a few of these instances.

history of cosmology-1
universe formation

Formation of the Universe

How did the universe become what it is today? 

Stars, Galaxies and Black Holes

Read, watch and learn about the cosmology of stars, galaxies and black holes.

Stars, Galaxies and Black Holes
exoplanets and extraterrestrial life

Exoplanets and Extraterrestrial Life

With an average of over one exoplanet per star in the universe, it seems very possible that there could be life on other plants. 

Videos About Cosmology

Watch experts' latest discoveries and positioning on cosmology to learn more about different cosmological arguments and the science that governs our universe.

The Purposeful Universe had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Jennifer Wiseman about her perspective on the cosmos and the formation of stars and galaxies.

In this video, Physics Girl explains how the James Webb Space Telescope will increase our knowledge of galaxies, stars, and exoplanets.

Cosmology has not been constant throughout history. In this video, astrochemist Karin Öberg presents a history of cosmology from the medieval ages to the present.

In this TED Talk Dr. Karin Öberg describes the scientific conditions that are needed to support the existence of extraterrestrial organisms.

What was the universe like billions of years ago? Could there be life on exoplanets? These are some of the questions the James Webb Telescope will help us understand.

In this video Dr. Michio Kaku discusses Einstein’s attempt at discovering a unified theory of everything, and how that led to String Theory, and how strings could be the fundamental aspect of the cosmos.

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Articles About Cosmology

Read experts' latest discoveries and positioning on cosmology to learn more about the science that governs our universe.

Common Cosmology Questions

What is the evidence for the Big Bang?

  • Maggie Ciskanik, M.S., MSc. explains evidence for the Big Bang, including Lemaitre/Hubble Expansion, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, and Even Distribution of Matter.
What happened before the Big Bang?

What is Dark Matter?

Scientists still aren’t sure what Dark Matter is or if it really exists. The existence of dark matter is based on indirect evidence. Read more in Dr. Vera Rubin and Why Dark Matter Matters.

How old is the universe?

Astronomers believe the universe is 13.7 years old.

Could there be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?
  • Are We Alone? The possibility of extraterrestrial life according to a Harvard Astronomer

Why is cosmology important?

  • Dr. Karin Öberg explains why cosmology matters in this video.

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