James Webb Telescope — What Are Astronomers Searching For? [VIDEO]

James Webb Telescope


What is the James Webb Telescope Searching For?

What was the early universe like? Could there be life on other planets? These are just a couple of the questions that the information gathered by the James Webb Telescope will help us understand.

What Does the James Webb Telescope Do?

Acting like a time machine, the James Webb Telescope will look billions of years into the past to give us information about the first generation of galaxies and stars. This will further enlighten scientists on the evolution of our own galaxy and solar system while also shedding light on the very early periods of our universe.

Exoplanets and the James Webb Telescope 

The James Webb Telescope will conduct in-depth research on planets within our solar system, as well as on exoplanets, or planets beyond our solar system. It will provide a robust analysis of the atmospheric composition and the structure of molecules on these distant planets, which will allow scientists to better determine which of those planets might support life.

Feature image credit: NASA

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