Dr. Michio Kaku—String Theory and Cosmic Music [Video]

Is the universe chaotic or random? Albert Einstein worked for 30 years trying to discover one equation that would explain everything in the universe, and failed. When young Dr. Michio Kaku learned of this, he was intrigued and wanted to continue this work that Einstein left unfinished.

Dr. Michio Kaku always has interesting and provocative things to say from both a scientific and philosophical perspective. In this 4-minute video clip he discusses the affect that Einstein’s attempt at discovering a unified theory of everything had on his life, how that led him into String Theory, and how strings may be the fundamental aspect of the cosmos.

Watch this clip to hear Dr. Kaku's fascinating description of String Theory and Cosmic Music.

Watch the full one-hour interview with Dr. Kaku.


Originally posted August 19, 2021. Updated January 5th for relevancy.