Consciousness and Language

Of the 10–14 million species currently living on Earth and the estimated 5 billion species now extinct, only human beings possess rationality and sophisticated language, signifying an ontological discontinuity between humans and other animals. These two human characteristics appear to have emerged simultaneously and rapidly.

Origins of Human Consciousness

“A promising approach to finding the beginnings of human rationality may lie with the study of language. This is paradoxical, perhaps, in that spoken language leaves no fossils or artifacts. One can, however, investigate the neural machinery of language, the genetic basis of that machinery, and the deep underlying structures of language itself."

—Dr. Stephen Barr’s, from a review of Noam Chomsky’s and Robert Berwick’s book, Why Only Us

What is the relationship between the brain, the mind, and consciousness?

Studying the brand and mind can give us a scientific insight to why and how we comprehend the world around us. Understanding consciousness, the brain, and language can lead us to a better understanding of the role of humans within our universe, and what order and purpose may exist in our lives.

Articles about Consciousness

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